Eleven Sports Media will be at the Sports Technology Awards on Friday the 15th April, the second year in succession that our ground-breaking technology and content platforms have been recognised by the industry.

Following on from last year’s event where we were shortlisted in two categories, The Best Technology For Fans and Best Use of Technology by a Club or Franchise, for our work with Swansea City; this year we are once again nominated in the category of Best Technology for Use by a Venue, Stadium, Club or Franchise.

Eleven’s work with The Jockey Club, at Haydock Park and Sandown Park, has seen our innovative content channels within StatZone used to educate and inform the race-going public.

StatZone at The Jockey Club has transformed the experience within the second highest attended sport in the UK.

We’ve changed consumer behaviour within the venues, by educating the 80 per cent of racegoers who previously felt that they had little or no knowledge of the sport. An educated and informed customer is a more powerful and engaged proposition to The Jockey Club and early signs are promising.

We’ve received plenty of positive feedback from the 80% who are encouraged to return, but perhaps more surprisingly great comments from the 20% of horseracing fans who regularly attend the venues.

In addition to the intended targets and goals for StatZone, the channel has also increased the commercial viability of the existing offers within the venue. By using the space on the channel to showcase concessions within the venue with dynamic offers displayed on the digital platform, key stakeholders are better able to manage the customer journey.

The Jockey Club are also able to use the many StatZone screens within venues to offer an additional media channel to existing and potential sponsors and partners, in turn bringing a heightened media value to the venues.

Jason Fildes, General Manager of Haydock Racecourse said: “The StatZone channel at Haydock Park has instantly increased the levels of engagement we have with the racing public at our venue.

“We’ve already seen encouraging signs that the screens are a hit with the punters. A better informed racing public is of benefit to all stakeholders and partners within the horse racing community and StatZone certainly achieves that.”

For too often, a visit to the races has felt like a ‘day out’, almost a trip abroad where the inhabitants speak a different language. That language is difficult to understand, but at the same time is all-encompassing – ironically, to enjoy the key aspect of the ‘day out’, there has to be some understanding of that language.

We believe that StatZone at The Jockey Club is a world’s first. The fully intelligent, fully automated channel requires no human intervention and provides the racing public with exactly the right kind of information they require at the right time during race-day. There is no screen space wasted, no filler, our screens break down that language barrier and allow the racing tourists to make informed decisions and make them a part of the experience, rather than someone on the outside of it.

The difficulty on such a vast project was to take the vast amount of information available, the hundreds of outcomes on each event, the technical language and build an engine with a number of triggers and algorithms, that would to the front end consumer become a valuable addition to the raceday experience.

In a nutshell Eleven’s StatZone at The Jockey Club has changed the digital experience within horse racing venues forever.

James Tombs, Group Sponsorship Manager of The Jockey Club said: “As an organisation we’ve been exploring all areas in which we can showcase the ‘Racing Explained’ concept and encourage the 80 per cent of social ‘day out’ race goers to become more regular attendees.

“StatZone has taken that idea to another level, using Eleven’s expertise and knowledge in Fan Engagement, we’ve created a medium which is really resonating with our target market.

“The StatZone channel within our venues is playing a huge role in engaging with the entire racing community, delivering information in a clear and concise manner, and creating a better informed racing public.”