Eleven Sports Media | Crowd Facing digiBOARD

Our Crowd Facing digiBOARD is a world's first and an innovative spin on traditional perimeter advertising, offering unique direct engagement with all spectators.


Crowd Facing Digiboards ensure a truly interactive experience for the captive audiences within all sporting venues. Developed in association with global LED provider ADI and already active within the Barclays Premier League.


Perfectly suited for promotional and commercial opportunities, the benefits take in-venue communication and awareness to a whole new level.


Visually impressive and an ideal platform for clubs, venues, sponsors and advertisers to engage with spectators for brand recognition, special offers, specific messages, match statistics, social media etc.

""Being able to promote on the long boards to all sides of the stadium simultaneously has proved massively attractive to sponsors, patrons and advertisers. The capability of CFDs is a great selling point.""
Mark Davies
Head of new business, Leicester City FC
""Clubs are always looking for that something different and the benefits of Crowd Facing Digiboards are abundantly clear … it is only a matter of time before every ground has them.""
Lee Merrell
sponsorship and advertising executive, Swansea City FC

Crowd Facing Digi Board is operating at eight UK sporting venues including the following;